Yoga And Its Well Known Benefits


Every individual aim to reach the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It’s part of our inner architecture that we desire to achieve the best opportunities of what life has to offer. However, not everyone can reach this pinnacle in his lifetime. Whether we deny it or not, oftentimes, we question our motivations, desires, and reasons for living. These concepts are often discussed in Philosophy class or during deep conversations with friends, partners or therapists.

The outside noise and clamor often reflect what turbulence is experienced within brought about by the constant worrying and concern about our lives. People seek refuge and comfort in different sources. Some indulge in vices like drugs, tobacco, alcohol, and sex to fill in the void and others rely on their religion for meaning in their life.

Many individuals search for different sources of inner joy and satisfaction. For those who further seek for their inner self, go beyond their religion and incorporate different pieces of Eastern philosophy in combination with their beliefs to build a way of thinking or guides to living by that perfectly fits their lifestyle. One of the most common of these philosophies being utilized today is yoga.

Well known benefits of yoga


Countless accounts of yoga practitioners claim that yoga helped them in various aspects of their life but at the same, through constant practice learned a thing or two about themselves, their lives and their inner self.

  1. Improving physical well being

Usually, this is the main reason why people try yoga initially. They wanted the physical benefits associated with the practice, whether they sought to achieve their ideal body weight or simply, improve their flexibility and balance. However, they would find themselves going over to yoga class for other benefits than the physical part.

  1. Lessening self-criticisms

Testimonials from yoga practitioners claim that before doing yoga, they are often times self-conscious and self-critical. They are usually the ones who find faults and flaw in their selves. Slowly, the yogis see the difference in their thoughts and attitude towards their imperfections and body and started developing self-love and self-respect.

  1. Living in the now

Through meditation and yoga poses, the universe is teaching individuals to live life mindfully. It is quite common to spend every day in default mode without really feeling that it is you who is living yourself. Yoga is first thing in the morning or before going to bed, as a brief reflection on the different events that happened or will happen.

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others

Yoga newbies would agree that as a beginner, they would be in awe of the advanced practitioners but at the same time, compare their practice with the others in the class. As time passes by as a yoga practitioner, one will realize that the experience of yoga practice is unique in each individual. One will also understand that the goal of yoga is not based on how flexible you are.

  1. Extending one’s patience

Nowadays, everything is digital and within our reach. People want every aspect to be faster and time efficient. Through breathing exercises, yoga poses, and meditation, one learns to realize that not everything is within their control and accept delays and disappointment without affecting one’s mood.


If this is the first time to try yoga, and you have several questions bothering you, there are several online resources that can help you.  Some would join anonymous chat discussions to get personal advice from people who are already doing yoga, trade cooking tips and recipes to accompany the yoga regimen, or basically just anything that pertains to yoga.

Make sure that you are well-equipped with the knowledge on how yoga can change your life. You should try it now.

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