Yoga Poses That Facilitate Self Healing

A Life-long Practice





Yoga is a more-than-decade-old practice that has proven its place in the world today. It is among the few activities that have become popular even before the dawn of aerobics, boxing, and cross fit training. The benefits of yoga have also earned its seat in the top ten physical activities that can facilitate self-healing. Perhaps it is possibly the first on the list. Among the different beneficial yoga poses, this article will focus on the top poses that aid in clearing our minds, relaxing our thoughts, and helping ourselves heal naturally from within.

Yoga Poses for Self-healing

  1. For depression. The most basic pose that clears the mind and helps in achieving peace is the child’s pose. It is done primarily by kneeling and sitting on your toes, and taking deep breaths while extending your arms to the front of your mat. This position relaxes the body, thereby helping you loosen up and forget about the depressive thoughts that are running through your mind. You may evoke a stretch by arching your back and reaching your arms further to the front. When you close your eyes and feel the child’s pose, you feel more open to positive thoughts and emotions.




  1. For trauma survivors. The chair pose, which is done by bending the knees and hips to about 45 degrees while in a standing position, improves focus and develops body strength. It also subconsciously allows individuals such as trauma survivors to look into the present and heal themselves from the hurts of their past.


  1. For panic and desperation. The pond pose is done by lying on your back and stretching out the body as far as you can until your belly forms a ‘pond.’ This lengthens the torso and leg muscles and gives the nervous system a relaxing or calming effect.




  1. To clear bad energy and remove inner blockages. When we hold back something within ourselves, we feel trapped and disturbed and sometimes unable to function normally throughout the day. The upward facing dog pose, which is done by first lying face down on the mat and then slowly extending the elbows up to arch the spine and lengthen the body up to the neck, is effective in attempting to remove our inner blockages. It also gets rid of unhealthy energy that is lurking within us and causing us to feel negative.


  1. To decrease stress and anxiety levels. One of yoga instructors’ favorite poses that can help reduce stress and anxiety is the forward fold. It loosens the ligaments of the back, neck and spine. This is done by bending the torso forward while exhaling, and allowing the head to hang loose for a few minutes. This pose also helps develop good posture and improve blood circulation.


Yoga for Mental Health


There are several more yoga poses that have specific as well as general benefits for individuals of any age. Needless to say, the practice of yoga definitely has a great impact on improving or maintaining one’s mental health and well-being. It is a practice that is encouraged for everyone to try – because there is no better way to heal but naturally.


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