Why Most Relationships In NewYork Don’t Work

Mental health and relationship always have a connection. Same goes to the result of a decision from a person’s overall personality and his environment. Perhaps that’s the reason why most relationships in newyork don’t work at all. Since it is a place where tons of diverse individuals stay in one particular area, it could cause a clash of opinion, beliefs, norms, and standards. It is a big issue because it can mean to have a lot of sacrifices and adjustments. And when all fails, both individuals lose everything. So, what are the people’s traits when it comes to sustaining and developing a bad or good relationship with their fellow New Yorkers? Here’s what you need to know.

New York City is the place to go when you are ambitious and full of energy. That’s because it can sustain and support your potential of becoming a successful individual. There are tons of opportunities that you can expect in the place, and everybody loves it there. But when it comes to building a long-lasting relationship, it’s entirely not the best choice. You might end up ruining your overall health because the city unmistakably contains a lot of inconsiderate individuals.

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The Battle Of The Alpha Males

The average Joes in NYC that you might notice are tall and good-looking guys. Believe it or not, it becomes an advantage for them to become an asshole. These men often use their physical attributes to excuse themselves from being a dick. In some cases, their looks become an edge to win a woman’s heart. That is the reason why there’s a growing problem with men in the city. Not all, but most of them feel entitled to being alpha males. Usually, they see and talk about themselves, focus on what they want in a relationship, and demand for consideration all the time. Why? Because they think that living in NYC allows them to instantly meet new people that they’ll be able to start a new relationship with. Of course, without considering they might be cheating or having an affair with another individual.

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Women Are Vapid

Women in NYC are vapid (again, not all of them). Some of them are pretty or perhaps the most popular girl in high school, but are stupid. Usually, these individuals are the ones who offer nothing challenging or stimulating to others. Often, they ask a lot of obvious questions and are gullible to useless information. Vapid women are also capable of tolerating assholes and choose to consider men who hurt and torture them emotionally, verbally, physically, and mentally. Though sometimes, it’s not their choice at all. These women somehow get influenced by their surroundings. And because NYC is a place where rich guys usually spend their time and career, it becomes an excellent target for suitable types of relationship. By extrapolating the situation a tiny bit, the city is a great place to make money. However, women don’t realize that making money requires a dreadful commitment. Perhaps that’s the reason why it becomes easy for “some” of them to date, enter a relationship, and get out of it once it seems no use.

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The Environment Plays A Big Role

NYC’s overall environment is not at all conducive to sustain a long-term relationship goal. Yes, perhaps it can be a place where newly or early blooming connection might happen. But after that, everything about it becomes stagnant. That is why most people who succeeded with their NYC-relationship moved out of the country and started to look for a more stable environment that supports their holistic growth. That’s because, in New York, there are lots of unwanted temptations. Well, the seduction is everywhere so I shouldn’t blame the place. But with consideration, there are thousands of people in the city that can potentially become a cause of a breakup. That’s because the challenge of getting to know different personalities become human nature’s excuse of not understanding themselves.


I’m not saying that a relationship in the city of New York wouldn’t survive. Though, most of it entirely doesn’t. If you try to look at the factors that might affect a romantic bloom, then perhaps it’s better to make considerations based on experience and own understanding of what a sustainable relationship should be.

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