Taking Care Of Our Spirit

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Our health doesn’t only depend on concrete things like the food for our body. Our overall wellness involves three vital aspect of life which are the body, mind, and spirit, and each one is equally important. We cannot be healthy if one is starving and suffering. Our physical needs may be the easiest to fulfill as insufficiency can show through evident signs and symptoms. Our mind, on the other hand, shows its starvation by experiencing mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.


As for the spirit, it is somewhat similar to our mental health. It may not seem important as we often ignore it, but it is the core of the most profound aspect of our existence. Physical, mental, and spiritual are like an egg which has three parts – the eggshell, egg white, and egg yolk. The eggshell is the outer part exposed to outside factors which can stain or break it while the white and the yolk are inside, making them the center of its existence. Sometimes, an egg looks perfectly fine from the outside but is rotten inside.


We can take care of our physical self by making sure we take in enough nutrients needed by our body. As for our mental and spiritual, it is necessary to make these two balanced and harmonized, and taking care of them may somewhat be done in similar ways.


Our Spirit Needs These 3 Things:


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Good Music


Listening to good music is nurturing the soul. Anyone can live without it, but imagine how it would be if it doesn’t exist. We may not notice how music benefits us, but it brings in positivity to us emotionally and spiritually. It makes us understand that there is something better than the sound of the car horn.


Informative Books


Reading makes us wiser, and it brings us closer to the wholeness of our spirit. The things we see and the things we know about life makes us understand our purpose, and that is one thing we are all unknowingly searching for. We all ask why we are here, but there is no direct answer. We can only fill our mind and spirit with learning.


Deep Conversations


We all need that one friend who talks in-depth. Not everyone is up for serious conversations about the stars and how it is connected to our lives. It is essential to our spirituality because it links us to faith, and it such a difficult thing to achieve and sustain as it comes from our willingness to believe. It is something we can say we “do believe” in something, but we could only feel it inside if we truly do.


Source: pexels.com

It is challenging for us to take care of our body and mind even though we know they exist, but how challenging it must be to think about something we don’t see. The funny thing is we feel it in us, and we see it in people. We know when the spirit is full and glowing, and not all embrace the wisdom of knowing how to nurture the spirituality.

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