Staying Committed To Being Healthy And Happy

 “Some people say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, so does taking a bath, which is why we recommend it daily!” Zig Ziglar




Most of us yearn to overcome our weaknesses and improve our not-so-strong spots, and health is not an exception. We desire to be healthy because we want to change the way we look and the way we feel about ourselves. We also do it because the doctor suggests that we need to, for our health. In fact, even if we need to visit a therapist, we would, so that we would be better.

Health experts say that as we grow, our longing to maintain or achieve good health will be constant. But here’s a simple truth: Whether it is going to the doctor regularly, maintaining a diet, increasing the intensity of our workouts, or getting rid of bad practices, living healthily begins with embracing healthy habits. However, it is a known fact that this line is easier said than done and that making long-term changes for health and wellness is such a difficult ordeal for most of us. We may be doing awesome for two or three weeks, but after that, we slowly go back into the old habits and don’t recall why we want to make those sacrifices in the first all (is this you?).

I have listed a collection of tips from reliable studies and articles that would help you and me in our journey to becoming healthy and happy for a long time, if not always.


Ask Yourself Why You’re Doing It

Why do you want to be healthy? It will be more difficult even to start your journey when you don’t know why you’re on the journey. So jot down your reasons on a notebook or some post-its so you can see them when you’re looking in the mirror or eating a meal. Ask yourself these questions to help you define your goals and their importance to you.


  • Why am I setting this goal?
  • What good is it to me if I achieve the goal?
  • How will it change or improve my life?
  • How does this help me become closer to the person I want to become?

Setting health goals is not easy, but it is even much harder to practice them without any reason. The point is – make your goals as personal as possible.


Fill Your Fridge With The Healthy Stuff



If you’re serious with implementing a strict diet, then start with your fridge – where the temptations are all in there when you don’t have anything to do at home. Fill it with fruits, veggies, nuts, and cereal. This way you won’t slip back and get guilty about eating something sinful while you’re watching your favorite TV show.


Record Your Progress On The Calendar

Committing to being healthy can be made more fun and interesting by seeing your progress from the start. Record your meals and exercises for the day on a wall calendar and check the dates when you got a perfect score on meal and workout plans that you successfully nailed. Seeing how you have consistently done your goals will increase your motivation and commitment.


Create An Agenda For Your Exercises

A gym enthusiast once said that a person must schedule his workout programs like he schedules his doctor’s appointments, meaning that he must do it because it is crucial for his mental and physical health. Don’t postpone your exercises for some coffee date or a sale in the mall – you can do before or after, right? Try to do them at the same time each day.


Follow Your Fitness Idols On Social Media

When you see yoga instructors or gym buffs posting vlogs on social media, they seem always to perk your interest. You want to don your shoes and have a run. That is when you’ll know that these advocates are succeeding in their goals – when you want to do what they do because you trust them. Scroll Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter from time to time and get some inspiration.



Capture Your Aha Moments

When you thought you couldn’t progress from 10 to 20 pushups, that moment deserves to be documented. You can also take photos regularly just to record your slow but sure progress. This will help you stay motivated and in tune with your goals. Taking photos is a great practice when you have weight loss, skin care, or other healthcare goals.


Like all good things, achieving a healthy lifestyle takes effort, commitment and a lot of sacrifices, but you can do it. Another can – and did – so why can’t you?





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