Soulful Ways To Live A Good Life



When we were younger, we were so carefree and oblivious of the stresses and the worries of life. We were happy just to be able to go to school and see our friends or get good grades, or see our crushes. As we grow old, we begin to ponder on the more important things in life, like what to do to leave a good legacy for our children to remember and how we can live a good life in general.

We look for healthy and meaningful ways to live especially when we have experienced near death or a nationwide or a worldwide tragic event that has shocked and worried us and made us think that we were such fortunate people to be alive now. We begin to find things or activities that remind us that life is precious and we need to take care of it – of us.

Read along and you might like to try one or all of these essential tips on how to live a good life.

Soulful Ways to Live

  • Spend quality time with family and close friends. The small dinners and get-togethers are the ones that are most remembered. It’s where you get to have those candid conversations and discussions that matter – how is the family, how are the kids, how’s life. Quality time not only means spending a lot for a party or a trip – although that would be great too, if there’s extra funds for that – but it can also mean just a girl talk with cousins over pizza or a fun sleepover with some friends.




  • Do not hold grudges against your enemies. When someone has seriously wronged us or the ones we love, we can’t pretend that things are fine. We tend to get very mad and hold grudges against those who have erred us. But haven’t you noticed what grudges can do to you? It’s as if you’re never at peace within. When we see someone we hate or even just hear their name, an outburst within us occurs, and we are overpowered by our emotions towards them. Then we are not able to achieve that peace of mind that we want. Forgiveness is the key. When you forgive, you regain that peace and you release that negativity from your soul.


  • Show kindness even to strangers. Kindness is best demonstrated in people you don’t know. Acts of kindness include smiling to people you meet along the streets, offering a seat to the elderly, giving food to the needy, comforting someone who is at their lowest, or just being there for someone who badly needs company. These are really little things but they mean a lot to the ones who need them. Everyday is an opportunity to do good to others and make an impact in their lives.


  • Help save the planet. There are several ways to help protect the earth from being further damaged than it is now, and it may be a cliché but, yes, going green is one of the most important principles to follow. Knowing which trash bin to place your cans and papers is a great help. Planting trees is crucial in saving our planet from heavy floods. Conserve water. You just don’t know how much water you save when you turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth.


Final Thoughts



 These are only a few things we can remember to do everyday to start having a purpose and meaning to our life while we live. They are simple and quite easy, but they’ll definitely go a long way.





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