Psychology Of Colors And A Person’s Mood 

Have you ever noticed there is only one color being applied to a group of objects in general? Fast foods have a touch of red. Office and school spaces have a bit of blue. Hospitals are white anywhere. There seems to be a pattern of color along the streets, depending on the kind of establishment you bump into.  




Our perception and view of colors have been regarded as subjective. Research indeed shows that there is a significant association between the color of surroundings (school stuff, school, and room walls) and a college students’ mood or passing behavior. Research also proves that color matters in different healthcare facilities. Certain studies also suggest the underlying connection between the personality of a person and the color he or she likes the most.  


Research and in-depth studies answering why the above associations happen are still nowhere to be found. A mystery may be, but marketing brands and business strategies have seen this so-called mystery or the psychology of colors to be a technique to boost the number of their customers and paying clients.  


The following are some of the main everyday colors and what they usually signify:  


Blue Is The Favorite Color Of Most  

One survey conducted extensively around the globe concluded that BLUE topped the list of the simple question of ‘what is your favorite color.’ Note that this is regardless of sex and age. It is also worth noting that most logos on the internet and the technology aspect of the world involve the color blue.  




Red And Human Metabolism Go Together  

The color of passion is also known to raise blood pressure and respiration rate. It is generally used as the theme color of war and love (and intense feelings) as it attracts attention and strong emotions compared to other colors. A simple survey of how the red color makes one feel resulted in varying answers but with a common theme – Red is powerful and exciting.   


Yellow Invokes Happiness And Lively Feelings  

Commonly likened to a ray of sunshine, yellow is an uplifting theme. Back in 1917, this color was used to cheer people up. The use of glasses with the yellow-tinted lens has found its significance among people with the seasonal affective disorder and other psychological problems.  


Green Is A Calming One  

Green is the color of Earth. And by that statement, it means that it is the color of the ancient world, where trees and the plant kingdom still dominates the sphere. Chinese Feng Shui recommends this color to the interior walls of a home as this color signifies stability and nourishment.  




Black Has Elegance  

The color of black has an impression of elegance and sophistication. Different shades of black and gray are dominating the color of cars, phones, and other luxury items. It may be intimidating, and anyone who wears black (corporate attires are mostly black) emanates authority and power.  


White Connotes Purity And Cleanliness  

They say that weddings are generally white in theme because white signifies purity. White is also associated with doctors, nurses, and other professionals in the medicinal field. In this world of varying shades of colors, white is indeed noticeable. If you voted white in a color popularity survey, then the chances are that psychologists regard you as someone with stable emotions and a perfectionist.      


Color psychology is always an exciting study for most students and researchers. Results of the survey and real-world simulation may indeed show a significant difference between the personalities and conflicting moods of the respondents or human subjects with regards to the color presented, but the main underlying principles behind this fact remains a mystery.  




It could be because of nature’s natural course (sunlight generally means a lively day, nighttime is when social parties usually occur and commence, the green trees and plants literally give off more cooling feeling) but the colors’ ability to influence the mind even without the intervening mind of another remains a big question mark.  




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