Mind And Body Healing Strategies

We have no escape…The modern life is becoming more fast-paced. It is demanding and stressful. An old cliché would say that what the mind conceives your body achieves. Both dynamics are integral in maintaining overall wellness. They are interdependent. Here are some practical points or practices that tackles the influence of the mind to control the body processes if healing.

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Meditation, as a form of relaxation technique, is primarily used for pain relief. Medical science asserts that the many aches and pains that we feel are derived from the somatosensory cortex of our brain. Meditation is also found to be beneficial for easing anxiety and depression. It evokes clarity, calmness and a state of happiness. These are emotions that gradually reduce stress. Basically, it means focusing on a single point of reference, fewer distractions, and increased concentration.

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Music Therapy

Music therapy is a form of relaxation technique, as well. It is believed that apart from the nostalgia, increased motivation for exercise and numerous emotions that a music creates, it widely influences the mood of the person. Listening to calming and soothing background music allows our mind to be at peace, thus making the whole body stress-free.


Yoga produces a calming effect and an increased concentration at the same time. It is found to reduce stress, inhibit inflammation, and eliminate lipids (fats in the body). That is why more and more women are doing yoga as a form of exercise. It has also been found that yoga helps in promoting quality sleep and reduces insomnia.

Guided imagery

Guided imagery is another form of relaxation technique by utilizing distraction. What usually happens is that a trained practitioner allows the person to use her sense of smell, sense of touch, sense of hearing, sense of sight and even sense of taste. It primarily utilizes the imagination to promote healing. Our minds have the tendency to wander easily that is why the aid of a trained practitioner is very important. However, this form of therapy is more than visualization effects. It essentially involves the entire body and ranges from imagining oneself soaring in the skies or diving into the deep blue seas and swimming with the fishes.

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Biofeedback is another basic form of mind-body healing technique. It is a fact that our mind and body responds to both internal and external factors influencing its actions. All these factors affect our ability to maintain equilibrium or balance. That is where biofeedback comes to play. It allows you to monitor your body responses objectively such as your heart rate, blood pressure and respiration in response to external factors.


The saying “mind over matter” has been heard over a thousand times. When we are stressed, our body produces hormones which affect our organs or body system. Being stressed and having negative thoughts and emotions are truly unhealthy. In order not to succumb into the pangs of illnesses, diseases or any alteration in mentation, it is our responsibility to be aware and to keep track regarding our sound mind and overall health.

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