Joining The 2014 Seattle Book Convention: An Enlightening Experience

The 2014 Seattle book convention was an inspiration for me to start reading and writing poems, short stories, and whatnot. I was new to Seattle then and only knew one or two couples from my daughter’s school. I was hesitant at first but I just love books, so I decided to join, and I didn’t regret it.


Making New Friendships

I had the opportunity to meet new people and chat with them about our fetish for drama and thriller. I found it easy to make friends because everyone there had much in common (of course!). Even the shy ones would manage to put a smile and a small conversation.

Inspiring Authors

In some conventions that I was able to join, you were required to purchase at least one book and have it signed by the author. I did both, and I got to meet one of my favorites, who incidentally liked knitting and so I had more time with her than the rest. And then there was a short sit-down with her, where you get to ask questions. I listened to the author as she explained how she was able to write her first bestseller novel, and I was in awe. She was a single mother of two boys, and she wrote books initially just to earn and not because she loved it. It was the only thing she knew she could do right.

To cut the story short, she successfully survived, along with her boys, who are now professional doctors. And most of her books were based on her true life experiences so that she would never forget how she got there.


Bottom Line

Book conventions are a great way to build a network of friends, enhance your writing skills, meet new and seasoned authors, and be enlightened that dreams, no matter how small, can be realized.

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