Grounding As Part Of A Whole Health Program

We all know that feeling of going barefoot on the first warm day of the spring or when we go on a beach vacation during a cold month.  It is an overwhelmingly calming and happy feeling when we feel that grass or sand under our feet.  We may think it all has to do with the beautiful weather or getting out of our hibernation, but there is a scientific explanation for this feeling.  It is called grounding.


The simplest definition of grounding is when our bare feet come in contact with the ground.  That makes sense.  It also means being totally aware of your body in the moment.  It is not just one surface touching another surface.  It is the connection that is the key element.  The feeling of connection to the Earth may give us actual sensations of tingling in our feet or legs.   It is at a comfort level similar to when we come home after a long day at work.  The Earth is our home so it makes sense that we have this feeling.   Alas, that feeling may quickly go away.  Don’t we want that feeling all the time?  Yes, we do.


Grounding “provides a means to recharge our energy, clear our minds, strengthen our instincts and therefore increase our performance”

When we are ungrounded, we feel unfocused, tired, distracted, anxious, and worrisome.  We may not be able to sleep well and may have ongoing pain, inflammation, and circulatory issues.  No one wants to experience these physical and/or psychological feelings.  We want to feel the best we can and be at the top of our game, so this is why we need to be grounded.


Here are 5 Grounding Techniques

1 – Cover Your Crown:  Place one hand over the top of your head for 30 seconds to 1 minute.  Close your eyes if it helps you to concentrate.

2 – Feel Your Feet:  Put all your attention on the bottom of your feet.  You can be sitting or standing (30 seconds to 1 minute).

3 – Follow Your Breath:  Inhale and think about the path of your breath into your body.  Exhale and think about the path of your breath out of your body (1 to 10 minutes).

4 – Stand Like a Tree: This is similar to the mountain pose in yoga.  Put your feet as solid to the ground/floor as possible.   Let all your body weight and tension be absorbed into the ground.  Imagine roots growing from the bottom of your feet.

5 – Take a Cold Shower: This is easier in the summer, of course, because you probably want the water to be cooler.  If you aren’t used to cold showers, make the water a little cooler each time you take a shower.  Stay under the cool water for a longer period of time during each shower (30 seconds to 5 minutes).


This technique is done when our body is in contact with/connected to the earth.  “The theory is that earthing allows a transfer of negatively charged electrons from the Earth’s surface into the body which neutralizes positively charged free radicals” in our bodies.  From a scientific standpoint, this makes sense.  It also makes sense as to why when we go barefoot through the grass or walk barefoot on the beach, it is a wonderful feeling throughout our body and soul.

So get out there and ground yourself.  Whether it is being present in the moment and aware of your body or walking the beach, it will improve your whole health:  body, mind, and soul.


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