Crystals As Part of A Holistic Approach To Health

Many people think that believing in crystals is in the realm of the magical and airy-fairy.  If you are attuned to anything in nature or if you want to adopt a more natural and holistic lifestyle, crystals are a great option.  If you look at crystals from a strictly scientific standpoint, they make a lot of sense and a belief in their healing properties is essential to a natural and holistic lifestyle.




“Crystals have an energy field that interacts with any other energy field near it.” according to Hall (2016). Since humans have their own energy field, these two energy fields interact.  “At the simplest level, many crystals contain traces of therapeutic minerals that pass across the skin barrier to bring about physiological changes.  At the most basic level, everything is energy.  How it manifests is simply a matter of vibrational frequency and the crystalline structure that enfolds it.” (Hall, J., 2016).  

The human body is a complete energy system with “crystalline structures” (Hall, J., 2016) around many of the major systems within the body.  Since we have crystalline structures within us, it only makes sense that we would interact with similar substances.  Each of the energy systems put off their own vibrations, which act upon each other.  “Emotions and thoughts have their own vibration, which go out of kilter during stress and can distort an internal crystal lattice in the body” (Hall, J., 2016).





When you have physiological or emotional imbalances within your body as stated above, it is an imbalance of your energy fields and vibrations.  In order to balance out these systems, you need to introduce a crystal that is in sync with the unsteady energy or vibration.  If you had a scale balance and one side was lower than the other side, you will want for both sides to be equal. You will then add more to the side that is lighter or take away a part from the side that is heavier.  Likewise, if the vibration were lighter in the body, meaning that it is lacking and you would have to add something, so that the particular vibration is in balance.  If there is a negative vibration that is too heavy in the body, you would want the negative (heavy) energy to be lessened.  That is where the crystals come in.  It’s all about having balance.




ROSE QUARTZ:  This crystal is probably one of the most popular crystals available.  It is light pink in color and is widely known as the stone of the heart, therefore, is used to manifest love, nurturing and contentment.  It is also useful for sleeplessness if you put some near your bed or under your pillow.

AMETHYST:  This stone is beautiful and has a lively purple color.  It is helpful for tension headaches, calming the mind, and purifying negative energy.  There are many other uses for amethyst so be sure to put it on top of your list.

SELENITE:  This crystal is probably one of the best stones to start with.  It clears and charges all other crystals and promotes mental clarity while dispelling negativity.  Selenite is also milky white in appearance.

AQUAMARINE:  This is a beautiful light blue and aqua stone.  It is a calming stone which promotes inner peace and releases anger. Physiologically, it can help with sore throats, swollen glands, and thyroid issues.

CLEAR QUARTZ:  As the name explains it, this is a clear stone.  It energizes other crystals and clears away negative energy.  This stone harmonizes and balances you in your environment.  Clear quartz can stimulate the immune system and help ease burns.

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