5 Harmful Habits Keeping You From Living Healthy


They say habits are hard to break. Sadly, bad habits are even harder to get rid of. What makes it especially tough is that we may not even realize that some things we do every day are harmful to our health. But not all hope is lost. Recognizing your bad habits is the first step. Let’s take a look at some practices that you have to kick to the curb.


Excessive snacking

Snacking in itself isn’t bad. It’s when you do too much of it; then it becomes a problem. Pay attention to hunger signals and keep track of your food intake. Also, watch what it is you snack on. Switch to healthier options such as fruits and nuts. Also, remember to eat when you’re hungry or if you need an energy boost – NOT when you’re stressed, angry or sad.


If you’re having a hard time ditching the potato chips, you’re going to have to prevent yourself from getting your hands on them. Ban or get rid of unhealthy snacks from your house. Also, avoid the junk food section during your grocery visits.


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Forgetting to drink water

Not drinking water is a bad habit I’ve personally struggled with in the past. Somehow, I just don’t feel the need to reach for that glass of water. However, often when we feel hungry, we’re just thirsty. The next time you get a craving for something to chew on, try downing a glass of water first. Wait about 10 minutes before you decide if you’re hungry.


Another way to get yourself to drink more water is by just having it near you when you work. I’ve found myself reaching for the bottle of water mindlessly as I work to sip on. If you’re desperate, there are apps on you can get on your phone that reminds you to stay hydrated.


Eating meals at your desk


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Maybe you have a project that you have to work on even during your lunch break. Maybe you just don’t want to break momentum. Eating meals at your desk to finish a task is something we’ve all probably done at least once. It isn’t even limited to just your working table. Sometimes, we like to enjoy our dinner as we watch our favorite TV show.


Your attention is divided if you work while you are eating. When your mind isn’t on your food, there’s a tendency for you to overeat. Staying at your desk may also affect your stress levels. As you associate working at your desk with stress, it’ll carry over as you eat your meals. Additionally, your working desk may not be the most sanitary place to eat.


Ditch the desk and eat at a proper table, preferably with some friends or colleagues. Also, consider taking a short walk after your meal to get your activity level up.


Skipping meals – and dessert

No matter how much work you have to get done, it’s never a good idea to skip meals. You won’t be able to stock up on essential vitamins and nutrients you need to continue working. You’ll end up crashing at the end of the day. It also isn’t a wise choice even if you’re trying to lose weight. Your metabolism will just end up slowing down, causing fat to burn slower.


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Also, some good news for us: skipping out on dessert is terrible too. I’m not saying you should eat a whole chocolate cake on your own, but a moderate amount of sweets is right for you. When you deprive yourself of the good stuff, you’ll just end up bingeing on it later.


Keeping stressful relationships and activities

Being stressed is quite possibly one of the most harmful habits of them all. Do not force yourself to stay in relationships – romantic or platonic – if you see that it’s toxic to you. You’ll end up with a sure source of stress and negativity for life. The same goes for activities that just stress you out.


If you find yourself consistently overwhelmed or tired, try to look at what may be causing this. It may be time to cut toxic people and activities from your life.



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